Valentine’s Day

My first Valentines was a box of roses chocolates, hidden in the desk of my Year 6 classroom. I have to say that although I had not feelings to reciprocate to the lovely boy that left them there, I felt like a princess. Maybe it was the surprise of it all or that feeling that someone thought I was special enough to actually bother to buy me chocolates and wait to see my reaction.


Things I find hard with a baby & a toddler

Being a mum with a baby and a toddler is a wonderful gift but it's not without its challenges. Lately I've been finding some routine things difficult and have often chosen to not do some things because the effort out weighs the benefit. Buying petrol This is something I have ranted about before but seriously…

“I am raising a son that your daughter will be safe with. I PROMISE!

Now I'm the first to agree that we as parents hold a huge responsibility when it comes to changing the pattern of violence against women, children, family, friends, and human beings alike. But for some reason this quote really got me thinking. Upon reading it I felt pressure and honestly I'm still reflecting on why I feel this way.

Healthy Mums Snack Prep

Eating healthy as a mum is super challenging, when do you find the time to properly prep something for yourself and actually eat it. Looking after a toddler and a newborn I find the times I get to eat are random and often only in the middle of the day when they're both fast asleep…

Toddler Mum’s Handbag must haves:

Ever tried taking your toddler to the shops or cafe to meet friends? If you have you would know that sometimes us Mumma's need a few tricks up our sleeves to keep them fed, watered and entertained. Apart from the standards: nappies, wipes, nappy bags, water, change of cloths I like to pack activities and…

Mumma’s have you done your essential health checks?

Mumma's I'm pretty ashamed its taken me this long. This kind of health care needs to be a priority and we all need to do a quick check up on ourselves. Our kids need us fit and healthy and there are some important tests that we need to keep up to date to make sure this happens.

TWELVE years teaching how to have a career vs ZERO years to be a mum

It's just a thought, but maybe if society rethought what we wanted schools to achieve we might not have such a huge discrepancy in societies value of stay at home mums and career success. Just maybe they'd be less of a pay gap between men and women. Maybe the value of family time would override the expectation to answer late night work calls and working weekends.