How a Boy Mumma dealt with gender disappointment

My good friend who's second was a girl said something really profound to me though. She said "you have to mourn the one you don't have". She hadn't found out the gender of the second until she was born, and even though she had hoped for a daughter she had slight gender disappointment at the birth.

The Kitchen Dilemma

Oh kitchen you marvellous room You allow our MasterChef ambitions to bloom My only gripe with you, you see Is that no matter how hard I try you fail to be clean? I wipe, I sweep, I rinse, I dry And yet the mess continues to be in oversupply. Almost every day I wish and hope That I’ll wake up in the morning without you requiring soap But for now, I’ll persist with the endless decree Of mopping and spraying as your loyal trustee

Sleep deprived Mumma! My baby doesn’t sleep

Help - My baby is a milk monster! After my first son didn’t sleep through the night until 10 months, I had illusions that with my second I’d be better at the whole sleep thing and he’d be the perfect scheduled snoozer. Fast forward 4 weeks into his little life and I find myself up…

Mumma Z tries to buy a dream-house

Every tried to buy a home? Then you may be able to relate with our current situation... Photo by PixaSquare on When I was working full time one of the biggest stressed of my day was travel time. Not to work but to my mums each morning and afternoon to collect my son. On…