Baking Emulsions

So this week I decided I would try to make Red Velvet Cupcakes. In doing so I did some research into how to get the best authentic flavour and colour. So many recipes led me to Lorann's Baking Emulsions and what a magic discovery that has been for my baking. Baking Emulsions are water-based flavourings that don't bake out like traditional alcohol-based extracts. The added bonus is that they are gluten-free & nut-free.



So I'm a little late to the party, but I want to talk about Copha. Copha is 99% coconut oil, gluten free, palm oil free and importantly remains stable in room temperature up to 36 degrees Celsius, perfect for hot Australia weather. When I think of copha my mind immediately goes to chocolate crackles. However, of late it was brought to my attention how great copha is in buttercream, and then I started researching and unearthed a huge array of recipes that use the ingredient. That being said here is a quick overview of some of the best recipes using copha I have found.

Easter Sharing Boards

Easter sharing boards or grazing tables are a super cute addition to your Easter entertaining this year. With just some minor additions customising a sharing board to a Easter theme is super simple and inexpensive. You can create them as cheese boards or as dessert boards depending on your preference. Here are some great examples:…


Australia Day Cupcakes

With Australia Day cupcakes these cupcake flavours are sure to capture all your Australian memories in each and every mouthful. Pavlova Cupcakes Passion Fruit Pavlova Cupcakes Iced Vovo Cupcakes Raspberry Lamington Cupcakes Golden Gaytime Cupcakes Rocky road cupcakes Beach Flag Cupcakes Mint Slice Cupcakes Lamington Cupcakes with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream Mumma Z xxx


Meat Free Monday Recipes

In David Attenborough 2021 address he called upon us all to think about ways we can create a positive impact on our planet. “It’s a crucial moment in our history. This could be a year for positive change, for ourselves, for our planet and for the wonderful creatures with which we share it. A year…

Hot Chocolate Bombs

So lately Hot chocolate bombs have been going VIRAL! To put it simply, they are a theatrical way of making hot chocolate which is made by placing all the ingredients for a hot chocolate (hot chocolate powder, marshmallows) within in a Chocolate Sphere then pouring warm milk over the top. They make super cute Christmas gifts, are inexpensive and super fun to make and drink. The flavour choices are endless but here are a few to get your imagination going.

Christmas bauble cupcakes

Over the years I've seen so many Christmas Cupcake ideas but these are just so creative! You can either make them just so the top looks like a bauble or bake the cupcakes in silicon dome moulds and make the whole cupcake round which looks really authentic. My favourite decorations are made by melting candy melts and White Chocolate then brushing the mixture into dome moulds, then once set brushing them with edible shimmer powder and your choice of either piped or fondant decoration.