Reimagining Lockdown

Today with very little notice Perth W.A was sent into a 5 day lockdown. I watched as my Facebook feed filled with negative reactions, cursing and memes. School was due to start back tomorrow and parents who were looking forward to seeing their little darlings back into the care of the teachers found themselves with…

Easter eggs- Choking Hazards

With Easter depending upon us soon its now a important time to educate friends and family members about safe choices when it comes to eggs. Many will buy without thinking about the possible chocking hazards their chocolate gifts present. Sadly children have passed away from choking on Easter eggs so lets ensure we are all…


Things I find hard with a baby & a toddler

Being a mum with a baby and a toddler is a wonderful gift but it's not without its challenges. Lately I've been finding some routine things difficult and have often chosen to not do some things because the effort out weighs the benefit. Buying petrol This is something I have ranted about before but seriously…

What’s in a name- choosing a name for your baby

Photo by Heiner on Pexels.com Choosing a name for your baby is possibly one of the most important responsibilities ever to fall upon a person's shoulders. This is the name that they will carry for the rest of their lives. There's so many different things to consider: Will it be shortened to a nickname? Do…

Hot Chocolate Bombs

So lately Hot chocolate bombs have been going VIRAL! To put it simply, they are a theatrical way of making hot chocolate which is made by placing all the ingredients for a hot chocolate (hot chocolate powder, marshmallows) within in a Chocolate Sphere then pouring warm milk over the top. They make super cute Christmas gifts, are inexpensive and super fun to make and drink. The flavour choices are endless but here are a few to get your imagination going.

Christmas bauble cupcakes

Over the years I've seen so many Christmas Cupcake ideas but these are just so creative! You can either make them just so the top looks like a bauble or bake the cupcakes in silicon dome moulds and make the whole cupcake round which looks really authentic. My favourite decorations are made by melting candy melts and White Chocolate then brushing the mixture into dome moulds, then once set brushing them with edible shimmer powder and your choice of either piped or fondant decoration.