Is your baby washing in toxins? What are the safest Baby Shampoo’s & Washes?

When it comes to our precious little ones we want to be using the best products but it is extremely difficult to see through all the advertising and ingredients list to pick something that is truly safe on their delicate skin. We also get very conflicting messages, I have heard countless mums tell me how the hospital sent them home with Johnson & Johnson baby soap packs. The very company who is being sued by women who now have cancer after using their talcum powder. I'd be the first to admit that I used the Johnson & Johnson bedtime baby bath with my first until I heard of the lawsuit. I quickly changed brands to one my chemist recommended as a 'good brand', the brand was Aveeno. Advertised as gentle and calming I was none the wise that Aveeno is owned by Johnson and Johnson.

Buying a house: Non-Negotiable’s & Questionable’s

am literally living a breathing house hunting at the moment. Logging into realestate.com almost hourly and constantly on the phone to realtors. You can literally mention a street name and can recall the property your talking about and chances are I've even walked through it. I have come to realise though through all of short lives real estate shopping experience though, that no property is perfect. Each and every one has something you have to negotiate on or live without. It can be location, bedroom size, patio, pool, grass.


How much ‘Sentimental Stuff’ do you hoard?

Preparing to move house has led to the dreaded pre-move chuck out. I'm talking the going through every cupboard, box, wardrobe item and defending each items existence to your partner lol. But really it is quite comical standing their holding the dress you wore on your eldest sons baby shower and arguing that you should cart this item around to whoever ye shall live for the next 30 years just in case he ever asks if you still have it, that and the sporting trophy you won as little league when your were 10, the yearbook from every year of high school, and that photo frame that your aunt gave you two Christmas's ago tucked away to bring out when she comes over. It has become beyond ridiculous the stuff we collect. How often do we actually look at this stuff, we cling onto them almost as through they were insurance proving that the memories they conjur up really are important to us or something.

The Kitchen Dilemma

Oh kitchen you marvellous room You allow our MasterChef ambitions to bloom My only gripe with you, you see Is that no matter how hard I try you fail to be clean? I wipe, I sweep, I rinse, I dry And yet the mess continues to be in oversupply. Almost every day I wish and hope That I’ll wake up in the morning without you requiring soap But for now, I’ll persist with the endless decree Of mopping and spraying as your loyal trustee

Mumma Z tries to buy a dream-house

Every tried to buy a home? Then you may be able to relate with our current situation... Photo by PixaSquare on Pexels.com When I was working full time one of the biggest stressed of my day was travel time. Not to work but to my mums each morning and afternoon to collect my son. On…