Easter eggs- Choking Hazards

With Easter depending upon us soon its now a important time to educate friends and family members about safe choices when it comes to eggs. Many will buy without thinking about the possible chocking hazards their chocolate gifts present. Sadly children have passed away from choking on Easter eggs so lets ensure we are all aware of what to avoid!

AVOID: Solid Eggs, Speckled Eggs or any with hard candy shells. Small eggs that could fit through a toilet roll. Candy filled eggs.

SAFER: Hollow eggs, cut chocolate eggs up into small pieces, kinder chocolate.

The safest place for a child to eat it sitting down, preferably at a table where there is an adult supervising. Ensure you know first aid for children. Don’t let your kids eat in the car or walking around the house.

As a general rule anything that can pass through a toilet roll is a choking hazard- malteaser’s, smarties, popcorn, grapes. Always ensure you slice grapes/tomatoes lengthways. Think about the candy/sweets your child might have access to at parties like marshmallows, bubblegum balls, chewy candies.

Mumma Z xxx

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