Easter Gifts that aren’t EGGS – Part 2

Sometime you want to make the occasion but Chocolate just isn’t appropriate. This could be because you need to post the gift, or maybe its for young children and an overload of Chocolate isn’t suitable. With Chocolate eggs costing up to $20 a piece some of these options are actually a lot cheaper and are more meaningful.

Easter Books

Easter Toys

Pull Along Duck & Its Egg; Counting Carrots Wooden Stacker; Bashful Saffron Bunny; Tic Tac Toe Game ; Wind Up Hopping Chick; Our Generation Pet Set – Bunny; Egg Chalk, Animal Crew Cluck-a-Dee Feather Fun Chicken

Easter Clothes

Bunny Knit Pyjama Set ; Long Sleeve Snap Romper; Bunny Bibs; Bunny Gown; Bunny Cardigan; Bunny Set; Bunny Boot; Bunny Slippers; Pink Bunny T-Shirt; BugsBunny; EasterPjs

Easter Candles

Vanilla Caramel Mini Candle; Glasshouse Cotton Candy Cloud Candle – Fairy Floss; RENEE STRIPES CANDLE; Ice Cream Candle

Easter Plants

DAFFODIL Bulbs; Jonquil Soleil D ‘Or; Tulip Bulbs

Home Apparel

TeaTowels; Basket; SpotTeatowel; SaladPlates; CookieCutter

Mumma Z xxx,

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