Easter Sharing Boards

Easter sharing boards or grazing tables are a super cute addition to your Easter entertaining this year. With just some minor additions customising a sharing board to a Easter theme is super simple and inexpensive. You can create them as cheese boards or as dessert boards depending on your preference. Here are some great examples: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Savoury Sharing Boards

A basic savoury sharing board contains: Cheeses, dips, crackers, carrots, cucumber, deli meats, nuts, grapes

A Easter savouring sharing board contains: Baby Carrots, fresh flowers, Easter, Easter eggs- speckled and foiled

Dessert Sharing Boards

A basic dessert board contains: Chocolates, strawberries, cupcakes, biscuits, lollies, melted chocolate, chocolate covered nuts/pretzels.

A Easter dessert sharing board contains: Bunny Shaped lollies, fresh flowers, Easter biscuits, Easter eggs, toys chickens

Easter Sharing Board Decorations

A Easter dish makes it look Easter themed straight away. You local Kmart or two dollar shops should have someone otherwise this is cute. The odd easter chicken also adds to the theme.

It’s that simple.

Happy Easter.

Mumma Z xxx

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