Easter Gifts that aren’t EGGS – Part 1

Although Easter eggs are traditional there is something special about receiving a Easter treat that is home-made. Plus we all get far too many eggs each year, having an alternative is unique and may very well suit the dietary needs of some of your recipients more than any bought egg. There are a few alternatives here to consider:

Easter Biscuits

Easter Biscuits can be made in advance and look super pretty wrapped up in a jar, box or bag. These ideas range form very simple to a little more involved with the old piping bag! The humble Linzer Biscuit is the winner in my opinion, able to be made to look like an egg, or with a cute bunny cut out filled with chocolate filling these are super easy to make and extremely effective. Sprinkle bunnies and eggs also look great and the kids can get involved.

Bunny Butt Pretzels

Easy to do with the kids you just need to track down some bunny feet!

Easter Mason Jar Cookie

Because everyone is going to be overloaded with sugar! This one will allow them to make it when they want, and is a fun activity to do with the family.

Easter Bark

Yes I know this one’s Chocolate, but its a little bit more personal then just an egg!

Simnel Cake

The Simnel cake is a light fruit cake with a marzipan layer in the centre and topped with another marzipan layer on top. Historically it was made around Mothers Day in the UK in March and was kept until Easter before eating. The 11 marzipan balls on the top represent the apostles minus Judas. It’s unlikely that you’ll find one of these in stores but you can make one using the following recipes: BBCFOOD; Nigella; Phillipa’sHomeBaking

JellyBean Carrots

Super easy and super cute. You can even get carrot easter bags in shops now, but I personally think they look better if you use clear bags so that you can see the filling.

Happy Easter Gifting

Mumma Z xxx

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