Biscuit Cakes

AKA Cream tarts. So these are just stunning! and actually a hell of a lot easier to make then you think.

The most important part of them is baking the biscuit…kind of obvious. But you need to ensure the recipe you pick is a recipe that will hold its shape. You also can’t make the biscuit too thin because you down want it to break with the weight of the decorations. Nor do you want it to thick because it will lose its elegance. Here are some great recipes to try: loveswah; homecooking; sugarhero.

Biscuit cakes are customisable for any letters, numbers or symbols you like. You don’t require a cutter though you can buy giant cutters they are ridiculous expensive like $40 each. You just simply create the design you want on Word and print it to the size you want, or there are various templates available online for free.

The icing/ganache you use to fill your biscuit cake needs to be sturdy so I wouldn’t advise just a basic buttercream. I really like this version as it uses white chocolate and cream cheese which is really tasty.

Depending on how involved you want to get you could make macarons and mini meringues to decorate with but these are pretty inexpensive to buy these days so I would just buy them and save the hassle.

Sugar flowers and ornaments also look great, you can get these at good supermarkets or baking stores.

Alternatively fresh berries look awesome, marshmallows, chocolates, lollies, pretzels, biscuits or persian fairy floss.

Mumma Z xxx

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