Letterboards are inexpensive at just $13 from Kmart they are such a versatile and there are so many cool ways you can use them.

Home Decor

Using a letterhead as part of you home decor is super cool. You can place them within a frame of paint the one they come in to a neutral tone that suits your decor. Then you have an ever adaptable decor piece that you can customise to you mood. You can fill it with song lyrics, holidays or quotes.


I love these gift card stories, you can get super creative with these and are a really unique way to give money/giftcards.


Letter boards are great for reminders fill them with your to-do lists, groceries, weekly menu etc


Letterboards look super cute for birth/marriage announcements.

Photo Props

Letter boards are great as photo props, use them to display milestones, ages, or with funny quotes.


You can buy custom fonts, and symbols for them as well to elevate your designs. Check out these on Amazon or these one Etsy, Etsy.

Mumma Z xxx

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