Buying Second Hand Clothes

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There are thousands of ideas about how to reduce ones personal footprint and make a positive impact on the environment around you. One such way is to rethink how we buy our clothing.

Buying second hand clothes can be an absolute bargain. It allows you to buy the brands you love for half the price. You’re more likely to get something unique and its a refreshing way to shop from the comfort of your own home.

Be weary though, not all sellers are authentic. Read the sellers ratings and reviews and always pay using PayPal- do not do a bank transfer because some people will take the money and not send the product.

PayPal does come with sellers fees, they are not the buyers responsibility so don’t be conned!

You don’t know the seller, showing up to random peoples houses is risky! For you’re own safety pay the delivery fee its normal around $9, a small price to pay to ensure you’re well. On the flip side though you are giving someone you don’t know your home address so maybe get it delivered to your PO Box or workplace instead.

Bear in mind that your are buying without trying items on, this increases your risk of buying clothes that don’t fit. You can get around this by buying form a brand that you already wear, and can confidently buy from in a particular size. You may even find that they have the same styled item in stock just in a different pattern that you can try on before you buy.

Facebooks groups are a great way to find items. They generally offer buy/sell/swap. Swapping can be a lot of fun and is a much cheaper option because it only costs you postage. These groups also allow you to ask for what you want and sellers will message you photos of their items which takes the hard work out of it.

If you’re selling on these groups watch out for people with multiple profiles that will try to bulk message you to reduce the price, asking the same questions to ensure you’re consistent.

The app Depop is also a great way to find second hand clothes.

You can always try your luck at Vinnies and Salvos stores but I often find my local ones have lower quality stock and its hard to sieve through all the ideas.

Hope you find some winning outfits mommas.

Mumma Z xxx

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