Pavlova is a tradition for my family on New Years day. It’s so popular that this year I’ve had to make two pavlovas both with double the recipe. In short I’ve used 20 eggs and 1kg of sugar!

Pavlova is easy enough to make you just need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Make sure your eggs are room temperature.
  2. Seperate all the eggs before hand using a seperate bowl then pouring the egg white into the main bowl one at a time to avoid yolk contamination.
  3. Measure out all the ingredients in advance and put them next to your mixer
  4. Once you start do not turn the mixer off until you have finished.
  5. Do not open the oven when the pavlova is cooking
  6. Always leave the pavlova in the oven to cool down until completely cool before taking it out and placing it in the fridge
  7. I like to make my pavlova the day before, but I only top it with cream and fresh fruit minutes before serving.

I use the recipe from a old New Zealand Rally Girls Cookbook

For a normal sized pavlova this recipe is fine, if you have a big party I would suggest doubling the recipe it turns out perfectly!

Mix the egg whites until really stiff then add the water gradually. It looks a little split at the start so don’t worry!

Once you add the sugar the consistency turns very quickly to smooth and glossy

I add the vinegar and vanilla together and mix before adding the cornflour

Mix until well combined and the mixture really holds its shape

Then slowly pour it out onto a tray lined with baking paper.

Spread out into desired shape. I like. round pavlova and I like mine crunch on the outside and marshmallowy in the middle so I make mine quite tall.

Place in a oven at 120C Fan forced for 45minutes.. If you are cooking two, cook them in seperate ovens.

After 45 minutes turn the oven off and leave pavlova in oven until oven is completely cool.

Then remove and place in fridge. When ready to serve top with Whipped cream and you choice of toppings e.g. Passionfruit, Raspberries, Strawberries, Chocolate, Lemon curd.

Stay tuned for a picture of the finished product tomorrow.

Mumma Z xxx

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