Celebrating New Years Eve at home

So things are a little different this year which gives us the opportunity to create new traditions and memories. I for one am all up for shaking up the way I see in the New Year. With two kids under 3 at home my days of staying up until midnight partying are on hiatus at the moment. So what can you do to see in the new year from the confinements of your house.

Make New Years Eve Drinks

Indulge in a New Years Eve cocktail, splash out on your favourite spirit or try something new. Drinks have a peculiar way of making something feel special so present them in a pretty glass and go all out. It will make you feel like you are out at a party, just don’t drink to many if you’re planning to say up! Try this Mint and lime vodka cocktail YUM!

Have a New Years Eve Dinner

Cook a beautiful dinner to share with those that can gather, maybe skip the pop luck so that you can avoid sharing utensils though.

Have a Midnight picnic in the backyard under the stars

A cool new tradition, pack your favourite snacks and venture out to see the stars. Its likely to be a hot summer night here in Australia and the change of scenery from inside to outside may just make you feel like you’ve gone out somewhere and you can forget the restrictions.

Watch a New Years Eve Movie

Cosy up inside with one of the New Years Eve bangers, don’t forget the popcorn and Chocolate. About Time (2013), New Year’s Eve (2011), Waiting to Exhale (1995)

Create a photo slideshow of the year that was

Create a photo slideshow in advance and sit down and watch it together to remind you of all the good times this year, ensure you include a few photo funnies!

Have a games night

Games nights are always great fun, make sure you have a few boardgames ready to go. If you’re unable to meet up with people host a online Game party, challenge your friends to a Super Mario Tournament or whatever floats your boat.

Think of another great way to celebrate New Years Eve from home? Let me know please πŸ™‚

Mumma Z xxx

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