Christmas Cookie Tree Inspiration

Each year I have make a assortment of baked goods (mince pies, shortbread, gingerbread, cherry tarts) and box them up to give to family friends and neighbours. This year though I’m going to make Christmas Cookie Trees the idea came to me when I saw mums Cookie tree cutters in one of her cupboards and my creative mind started running with lots of different presentation ideas I could do with them. I just love the simplicity of them, and how pretty they look both decorated intricately and simply. I’m going to do gingerbread ones though over shortbread. My shortbread recipe tends to be soft and not suited to stacking. I could do sugar cookies but they don’t scream Christmas to me as gingerbread does.

For decoration and simplicity I’m going to cut fondant out of the same star cutters and decorative balls just like sprinkle bakes use here. However, I’m going to some in just white, and some in coloured fondant- red & green. I might also brush some with gold foil just to be fancy. I’m just not great at piping and with a newborn and a toddler I can see it becoming too stressful very quickly to try to pipe them to the standard I would want.

For presentation I think I am going to have to wrap them in clear cellophane with ribbon ales I can find some clear boxes/Jars big enough to hold them!

Happy Baking,

Mumma Z xxx

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