Christmas Tree Fails

But first a little back story as to why I’ve been googling Christmas Tree Fails. This year I wanted to create the dream Christmas tree, you know the one that people repost on instagram, the magazine worthy, pottery barn drool worth tree. On reflection this really was a overambitious pursuit, one that cost my wallet greatly and certainly did not meet my expectation. But I tried and one of the things that I researched in preparation for my tree was how many Christmas lights I would need. Now bear in mind my tree is 240cm (7.7ft) google suggested 400-700 lights. My local stores only had sets of 250 lights so I ventured to the hardware store. There my options were 200, 400 or 1000….I went with the 1000. Now, see in my defence I wanted a seriously glamorous tree and 1000 didn’t seem that many until I got home and realised I had 50 lineal meters of lights lol! But I stuck to my guns and put the lights on the tree, I wrapped each branch I made sure there was not part of that tree not covered and I still ended up with half the lights rolled in a bunch. I’ve hidden it nicely at the back but in certain angles there is a certain brightness that seeps through the tree where my Christmas light fail hangs.

So to make myself feel better I had a google of other peoples fails and boy I was not disappointed! Here are a few of my favs:

Send me a pick of one of your Christmas fails!

Mumma Z xx

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