Decorating a designer Christmas Tree- Part Four- Ornaments

After your tree has been fluffed and the lights are on its time for the ornaments.

Step One: If you’re using tree picks or ribbon you need to start with them. This will allow you to correctly space them our for a balanced tree. My tree is 7 ft and I have only six tree picks. I spaced them out so that there were two in each section of my tree alternating between left, right, and middle.

Step Two: Next you should put on you decoration sets. For me that means the three tubes of baubles and the 8 pack of glitter stars. My tree has three types of branches- snow, fluffy & normal. I chose to hang my bauble sets on all the fluffy branches. This created a really even spread of them across my tree. I try not to put decorations that are the same, or similar colour right next to each other and I hide a few at the back and in the centre of the tree for the fairy lights to reflect off.

Step Three: Place you special ornaments on the tree. I have around 20 of these on my tree. This allows for approx 6-7 in each section. I put less of them though at the very top of the tree because I don’t like them to detract from the angel. I also place my favourites right at the front middle from my view on the couch so I can appreciate them the most.

Step Four: Adjust the ornaments. There is no rules here, if something doesn’t look right move them around, stand back and view the tree from different spots around the room to make sure you like the balance.

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