Decorating a designer Christmas Tree- Part Three- Christmas Tree Lights

Step One: Decide what kinds of Christmas lights you are going to put on your tree. Will they be multicoloured- warm- cool white- shapes- different sizes? Will you be using just one set or two?

Step Two: If you’re using two sets hand the smaller lights first this way they will twinkle from the inside of the tree and reflect off all your baubles. Plug the lights on to check they are all working this also helps you to see how they look on the tree as you go.

Step Three: decide on your Christmas light hanging technique. Are you going to weave bottom to top, hang them as vertical lines, wrap around the branches or a combination of these. This is a great video that demonstrates each of these techniques:

Step Four: Step back and look at the lights on the tree, check for dark spots, and over crowded areas.

Mumma Z xxx

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