Decorating a designer Christmas Tree- Part Two- Tree Fluffing

Here in Aus Artificial Trees are the normal. There are very few Christmas tree farms around and with the heat of summer artificial trees last longer and are more affordable.

However, the way in which you fluff out the artificial tree branches can make or break your overall Christmas tree decorating efforts. That is why I recommend that you prep your tree then get before you wish to decorate it, that way you give yourself the time to get it write.

Step 1: Get your tree out and decide upon where you are going to position it somewhere in the middle of the room. You can move it after we’ve set it up, this way is just easier because you have more room to move around it. Just make sure you move it before you put the rest of the decorations on because then it becomes too tricky to reposition.

Step 2: Put a long sleeve top on, tree branch fluffing can cause skin irritation and scratches

Step 3: Start from the bottom of the tree. Spread out the branches and then spend time on each one to fan out the frond. Normally a pattern of one up, one left, one right is a great pattern and looks really full. It’s really important you position each and every branch and frond of the tree. After you have completed a section put the next part of the tree on and proceed with to fluff out each branch and throng until the whole tree is complete.

Step 4: Review your tree, walk around it and view it from different parts of the room. Try to make sure there’s no gapping holes and that the tree looks symmetrical e.g. you haven’t made the branches on one side higher then the other. Pick the best angle of the tree to be the side that you see most in the room.

Step 5: Put the tree into position and place your tree skirt around the bottom.

Mumma Z


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