Decorating a designer Christmas Tree- Part One- Prepping

When it comes to decorating a Christmas Tree one of the most crucial steps is the preparation. A designer looking tree doesn’t just happen, it takes careful planning and curating of decorations and ornaments. If your a traditionalist like me the tree isn’t going up to December 1st so you’ve got two weekends to get everything in order so that you’re ready to put it up.

Step 1: Select your theme- This is super important for creating your vision. Find images of tree you like, look at the types of decorations they use, the number of decorations, the colours they use. This will help you to create a palette to use whilst shopping. I’m going with a Champagne Gold, Silver and White theme. It’s really important here that although the theme is neutral, the tones have to match. This is easy with silver and white but can be quite difficult with gold ornaments.

Step 2: Go Shopping for ornaments. I recommend that you buy a tube or two of basic baubles (this also keeps the price down) that match your colour palette and then between 20-30 more decorative ornaments of different shapes. A great way to create a fuller tree is to purchase tree picks/branches in your chosen colour palette (these are like tinsels fancy cousin). Make sure all the tree picks/branches are the same and buy a minimum of 6 (you can see the ones I picked in the background they’re champagne gold with sequins) for your tree to ensure an even coverage. The majority of my decorative ornaments and picks are from Myer, and the cheap baubles are from Big W. Here’s a picture of my ornaments for this year.

Step 3: Tree Topper- Decide on a tree topper, I like a classic angel but it doesn’t really matter as long as it fits your palette and is the right size for your tree.

Step 4: Make sure you have enough Christmas lights there are plenty of guides online to tell you how many you need or use this awesome calculator

Step 5: Gather your ornaments, lay them out all together and check that they all fit the palette of the theme you’ve chosen. Swap out any that don’t match and replace. Go shopping again if you need to, returning the ones that are out of place and replacing with ones that suit.

Mumma Z xxx

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