TOXIC- Deodorant

Anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your skin. The problem with this is that unlike when you eat something and it makes it way though your digestive system, when it goes on your skin it can enter your bloodstream without filtering. Chemicals we place on our skin can mess with our reproductive systems and hormones so we need to be careful what we use.

It may be worth reconsidering your deodorant of choice, below are the ratings of some supermarket staples. You want to be using something with a green rating of between 0-3 because they have the lowest risk of causing a negative impact on your health.

The following got a shocking rating of 8 which means that the ingredients found in them can have a seriously negative impact on your health.

Rexona Women Deodorant = 8

Nivea Invisible Black and White Antiperspirant Stick= 8

Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant=8

Body Crystal Botanica Deodorant = 8

Weleda Citrus 24hr Roll on= 8

The Bodyshop DeoDry Chilled & Breezy= 8

Mitchum Power Gel Anti Perspirant Powder Fresh= 8

The rest of these came in with a safe waiting so you can feel comfortable using them on your skin everyday yay!

Dove Hypoallergenic Anti perspirant =3

Nivea Anti Perspirant Pure & Sensitive= 3

Lavera Lime Sensation Deodorant= 3

The Body Shop Aloe Anti Perspirant Deodorant= 3

Black Chicken Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste= 2

Weleda Citrus Deodorant= 0

Schmidt’s Deodorant Charcoal & Magnesium =0

Mumma Z xxx

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