Is your baby washing in toxins? What are the safest Baby Shampoo’s & Washes?


When it comes to our precious little ones we want to be using the best products but it is extremely difficult to see through all the advertising and ingredients list to pick something that is truly safe on their delicate skin. We also get very conflicting messages, I have heard countless mums tell me how the hospital sent them home with Johnson & Johnson baby soap packs. The very company who is being sued by women who now have cancer after using their talcum powder. I’d be the first to admit that I used the Johnson & Johnson bedtime baby bath with my first until I heard of the lawsuit. I quickly changed brands to one my chemist recommended as a ‘good brand’, the brand was Aveeno. Advertised as gentle and calming I was none the wise that Aveeno is owned by Johnson and Johnson. Another brand that is advertised as beings are for babies is Cetaphil. I love the smell of it but that alone should have set of alarm bells. Fragrances are full of chemicals and can be harmful to little skin so yes great product but be mindful that if your baby is sensitive this one may not be for you. Wanting something that was more natural and now confused and concerned about what I was using I went back to basics. I downloaded the ‘get dirty’ app and typed in a few available brands to check out their safety ratings. The ratings work like this

Here are my findings:

Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath = 8

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo & Wash= 8

Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash= 8

Dove Baby wash & Shampoo= 8

Curash Shampoo & Conditioner= 8

Gaia Natural Baby Shampoo= 4

Weleda Baby 2in1 Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash=0

Dr Bronner Baby= 0

Pretty scary to see that the most popular brands come in with a red reading of 8. Weleda & Dr Bronner come in as the safest with Gaia products coming in as moderately safe.

Alternatively you can check out these brands from any online natural product store. These haven’t been rated on ‘get dirty’ but meet the safe ingredient requirements to be deemed ‘clean’.

Shop safe Mumma’s

Mumma Z xxx

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