Buying a house: Non-Negotiable’s & Questionable’s

I am literally living a breathing house hunting at the moment. Logging into almost hourly and constantly on the phone to realtors. You can literally mention a street name and can recall the property your talking about and chances are I’ve even walked through it. I have come to realise though through all of short lives real estate shopping experience though, that no property is perfect. Each and every one has something you have to negotiate on or live without. It can be location, bedroom size, patio, pool, grass. It can be too close to a main road, or have a feature you just can’t change…like a bright orange exterior. My question is though- If you have to sacrifice something what is it?

For me the non-negotiable is quite long…..I just can’t imagine being happy spending that amount of money to be in a property that doesn’t meet my needs. We have saved a long time and gone without a lot. We rarely go on holidays we don’t splurge on furniture, tickets or going out. We don’t go out drinking and we cook the majority of our meals. Our home is where we spend our time, where the boys will grow up it needs to have room to grow into. Therefore I think I’m entitled to be particular about a property that I’m going to live in and have to pay off for the next 20 years!

Here are my non-negotiable’s

However, I have a few questionable’s. Do the following things matter? What’s you experience of them? Is there anything else I need to consider?

Mumma Z xxx

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