I hate ironing!

Oh how I loath ironing. I will avoid it at all costs!

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know how to iron properly. My hair gets ironed more often then my clothing lol. Growing up ironing was always something my dad did and despite being shown a few times how to iron a shirt I have no recollection on how to do it and the lack of shirts in my wardrobe means that skill was never practised nor developed at any point in the last decade. I guess that bonus for me is that my husband irons his own shirts if he needs one and is very particular about it. I purposefully buy clothing that doesn’t need ironing and on the rare, rare rare occasion I have been found to iron my black pants for work when necessary.

My mum is always giving me a hard time about ironing, she seems to think I should iron my two year olds t-shirts. Any chance she gets at my house she sets up the ironing board and proceeds to iron his and my clothes. If any of his clothes are left at hers she washes and irons them. When I was working full time I would pack his clothes for a week and she would routinely take them out iron them and repack them. I honestly cannot see the benefit of my time being spent ironing clothing that gets so dirty and is barely worn for one day. If it were a outfit for a special occasion now that would be different, but its not like he’s walking around looking a mess, his clothes aren’t crinkled or anything but an iron would make the hem lines sleeker.

However in a shock turn of events this week I found myself ironing and would you believe ironing pillowcases! I’ve certainly turned into my mother haha. In a hurry I went to make the master bed in preparation for realestate photos and found that my ‘display pillowcases’ were far from presentable. The idea of a permanent photo on the internet of my crinkled pillows was enough to give me anxiety and I dug out the ironing board and iron for the first time in months. I awkwardly moved the pillowcase around the ironing board thanked no one was watching because it would be very clear to any observer that I am a complete novice. But I managed and boy were those pillowcases crisp and smooth.

Am I going to start ironing clothes weekly? that is a big fat no! I will buy clothes that don’t require pressing and I will continue to hang the clothes I do have on coat hangers and place them on the washing line to dry. My time is too precious to be spending it bent over an ironing board and will continue to be that way until the dreaded school uniform days.

Mumma Z xxx

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