How much ‘Sentimental Stuff’ do you hoard?

Preparing to move house has led to the dreaded pre-move chuck out. I’m talking the going through every cupboard, box, wardrobe item and defending each items existence to your partner lol. But really it is quite comical standing their holding the dress you wore on your eldest sons baby shower and arguing that you should cart this item around to whoever ye shall live for the next 30 years just in case he ever asks if you still have it, that and the sporting trophy you won as little league when your were 10, the yearbook from every year of high school, and that photo frame that your aunt gave you two Christmas’s ago tucked away to bring out when she comes over. It has become beyond ridiculous the stuff we collect. How often do we actually look at this stuff, we cling onto them almost as through they were insurance proving that the memories they conjur up really are important to us or something.

Why do we hoard ‘sentimental stuff’?

My husband and I have a entire box of stuff from out wedding including the guest list display, candles, centrepieces, name cards, save the dates, table decorations, menus. I mean really this stuff isn’t imprint enough to display, in fact in the words of Marie Kondo it doesn’t every bring me joy, yet somehow I feel judged thinking about throwing it out.

I have all the boys clothes, I’m talking every single item how am I possible supposed to part with tiny tiny jumpers and booties. Plus there’s that rare chance that in a few years time we go back for round 3 and they could be worn against. But its not realistic and there’s 3 whole containers full!

It’s funny how experience gives you a different perspective on things. I used to judge people that sold stuff on marketplace and gumtree especially if I saw them selling a toy I had bought their child who is now like 10 years old and way to old to be using anymore. It was as if I thought that they didn’t appreciate the gift or something. But we need to be more reasonable about what we expect others to keep. He loved the toy, he used it, I can’t honestly say I gifted it to them for them to hoard until the day they die. Its practical to gift on and even sell, gosh we all know how hard it is to financially support a family whilst on maternity leave if you can make a few bucks and minimise the clutter in your house that is a win win for all concerned.

Hard said then done to part with things but it really does make you feel lighter knowing that you’re not gonna open that cupboard to be greeted with stuff jammed in their from a pervious life.

I took the plunge and photographed some old maternity clothes and put them online to sell. I gathered up old baby toys and packed them up to gift on to cousins who are pregnant and I chucked stuff that I couldn’t come up with any reasonable argument to bring with us to our new house.

I seriously explore you to go through your boxes and cupboards and clear out the unneeded ‘sentimental stuff’ and leave it behind in 2020 ready for a fresh new year. You will be better for it and I promise you, you will not regret saying goodbye to that maternity dress you wore once 4 years ago! (but take a photo of it if you don’t have one just for memories sake).

Mumma Z xxx

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