Basics changes to make to reduce your waste and helping the environment

There are some simple changes you can made that will instantly reduce your negative impact on the environment. This post has 7 basic swap outs for your regular kitchen activities to start you off on your environmentally friendly lifestyle.

(Images: Koh, UpperCup, Kitchen Warehouse, Podly, FrankGreen, Bokashi, Seed & Sprout)

Keep Cups

A easy one, I keep mine in my bag at all times. Use it for coffee or smoothies and simply put it in your dishwasher each night ready for the next day.


Again a simple change I keep this in my bag also and put it in my dishwasher each night.

Reusable baking sheets

Love these a simple swap out for foil and baking paper.

Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Stop using those one use wipes and invest in some good quality clothes that can go in the washing machine.

DIY kitchen Spray

In a spray bottle combine 1 cup filtered water, 1 cup white distilled vinegar and 10 drops of you favourite essential oil (Citrus is a great choice here.)

Kitchen Compost Bin

Try these Japanese style, they don’t smell and the liquid produced is fantastic for your garden.

Glass Containers

Stop using take away containers to store food and cling wrap to cover food items. Simply invest in some glass containers they don’t absorb colour or smell and can be used to freeze and microwave. I also suggest you use them instead of reusable food wrap because I can never find one that truly works for me and these are easier to clean.

Reusable Coffee Pods

Although you can recycle your Nespresso pods, a lot of people buy generic brands which can’t be easily recycles. Plus reducing waste is always better then creating waste that needs to be recycled.

Mumma Z xxx

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