Preparing your house for real estate photos/ home opens

So we’ve decided to take the plunge, we’re going to sell our house without having purchased another. It’s become obvious to us that we’re going to continually be outbid on properties because we’re subject to sale and finance whilst everyone else is just subject to finance. I’ve never been so scared in my life, the idea of being without a house with two kids under three and having to live with my parents indefinitely is beyond frightening!!! But I’m just going to trust things will work out and try to remember it’s all short term. The best thing I can do is do everything I can to get the most for our house and that starts with preparing for real estate photos.

The two weeks a property is marked are crucial and people’s first impressions are usually made by looking at your properties photos on therefore how your house presents for these pics is super important.

1. Clean your house in multiple different lights. This will ensure you don’t miss streak marks on showers/mirrors and can collect up any dust of shelves/skirting/fans.

2. Clear your personal items and clutter. Your family photos are nobodies business so take those down, clear all surfaces e.g kitchen counters, coffee tables, dressers. It makes them look tidied and the space feel bigger. You can leave out a few accent pieces but don’t overdo it- one book is enough on a coffee table.

3. Store all unneeded stuff in areas that won’t be photographed e.g garages, sheds, in your car. A empty room is better than a photograph of all your stuff in boxes

4. Go down to the local plant shop and get some black mulch- this makes your garden pop and is a very inexpensive-improvement. Sometimes potting mix is even cheaper!

5. Make sure the lawn is mowed and you clear the outdoor patios of webs as spiders.

6. Open all the curtains and blinds

7. When it’s time for the home open do not burn incense or candles people are very picky about smell. Also don’t overdo it on the cleaning products. Open the windows a few hours before and brew a pot of coffee if you must.

8. Clear bathroom draws and added clutter out of pantries, and kitchen/linen cupboards. People will open these spaces and you don’t want them finding your piles of hidden junk.

9. Make sure all your lights work, it’s unimpressive to walk into a room and try to turn a light on to find the bulbs gone.

10. Take anything if real value with you e.g laptops, jewelry. You can never be too careful.

Happy house seeking

Mumma Z xxx

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