Budget Tip #3 Online Shopping Hacks

How many times have you gone to a website to be greeted with a 10% off signup message. This is basically equates to free shipping. They suck though if you’re already got a login with that website ales you signup with your husbands email or even set up a new email in your name so that you can signup again and reap the benefits of 10% off because hey its better than nothing. I ship things to my parents address or my husbands work if I need to use a different address and use their phone number. Some sites even let you recommend a friend for a greater discount. If you know this is going to happen you can make a small purchase on ‘your friends account’ to get the discount and then make the bigger purchase on your’s once the reward comes through.

Another way is to incorrectly put you birthday in so that you get your birthday rewards closer to Christmas shopping time, and if you set up two accounts then you can set up the second birthday reward to come at another convenient time for you during the year.

Lastly before you put a purchase through search discount codes for that website online. There are plenty of dodgy ones don’t get me wrong but I have been successful more that 50% time in finding a code for 10-20% off which is a big saving!

Happy Online Shopping

Mumma Z xxx

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