Let’s talk toddler shoes

I have four problems with buying toddler shoes: Tantrums, Attendants, Quality, Supply

If anyone told me before I became a mum that buying shoes for a toddler would be one of the most difficult experiences as a mum I would have shook my head and laughed. But seriously it is a nightmare! This week I ventured out on the seriously dreaded trip to find summer sandals.

Firstly my son hates going shoe shopping, he has a thing about not wanting to take his shoes off and attempting to have him try on shoes is traumatic for all concerned. The tears, tantrums, the fighting him to get them on and the people starring in the shops, it is far from fun. This week we did ok there were not tears, but there was the bribe of a boost juice after, so yeah there’s that Mumma’s learning the tricks.

Secondly the attendants, I mean if they had to deal with my two year old everyday I would be grumpy too. Earlier this year I went into a Myer store that stocks children shoes and the first thing she said was ‘please tell me you’re not hear to buy shoes’ I mean come on it’s stressful enough for mums to get out and about in the morning with a toddler let alone taking them shoe shopping. This time round the attendant was so sweet, I don’t know whether it was the fact that my eldest was such a angel for her letting her take off his shoes whilst I awkwardly tried to help whilst breastfeeding my youngest who had cracked it.

Thirdly the quality of shoes on offer is not great to say the least. At any age having well fitting shoes should be a priority but for me I think its even more so when you’re teaching a little person to walk. You are literally affecting how they walk, learn to balance and how their skeletons grow. The shoes that are reasonably priced are found in major retailers such as Target, Big W and Kmart but most of them lack arch support, the soles don’t bend and most of them aren’t made deep of wide enough to even fit my sons foot in to try on. This week we went to the kids shoe specialists and they had great quality shoes, and professional shoe fitters so I knew whatever we ended up with would be good for his feet.

Lastly supply is a major issue. For me to find well made toddler shoes that are wide enough, deep enough and in his size is incredibly difficult. There is basically one supplier that have their own store and supply Myer. In the heat of summer this year I went to the store to buy sandals for my son in which I was told not only did they not have any in his size, but wouldn’t have until September! That’s no sandal stock in a kids shoe store in Australia during summer full stop. What are you supposed to do when your kids feet grow and you need shoes, I mean really that is just poor. We ended up finding some nike slides and nike trainers at rebel to tie us over. However if you’re lucky enough to find a pair in your size and style you want you’re looking at close to $100 if not more in price which is so over the top for someone who is less than a metre high. This week there were two sandal options available for my son, not great but we did end up buying one of them. I didn’t get to choose the style or colour I just had to go with what was there.

Anyhow’s there’s my rant for the day! Here are a few of cute options if you can find them..

Mumma Z xxx

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