Christmas Eve Boxes

One beautiful family tradition is the Christmas Box, a box full of traditionally filled with Christmas Pyjamas, a Christmas Movie, a Christmas Book and a Christmas treat to eat whilst watching the movie. I’ve see other Pintrester’s include toys, playing cards, boardgames, slippers, letters from Santa…the list is endless. I think what’s important though is that this box encourages the family to be together inside on Christmas Eve. Family time is so important and I want my Christmas boxes to be very humble with the emphasis on being together. After all Christmas Day is for presents and we don’t need to be spending more money trying to make over the top Christmas Eve Boxes as well.

For my box this year I’m going to include Christmas Pyjamas, a Christmas Book and a Christmas Snack (the movies are on Netflix/TV so there’s nothing physical to put in the box)

So what do you need:

  1. You need a Box/Bag to put the items in. I’ve included some personalised ones you can buy as well as some decals that you could order and just put on a gift box from the $2 store:

2. Next you need to find some Christmas Pyjamas I like these ones:

3. Next a Christmas Book that can be read together right before bed. Here are a few beautiful ones I’ve found:

4. Lastly a Christmas Snack. This can be simple like a bag of microwave popcorn, m&m’s or something homemade.

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