Keeping babies & toddlers cool on Hot Days

With Summer approaching and two under 3 I’m super conscious about keeping them cool and hydrated over summer. For me it’s all about planning, I always aim to go to places early to avoid being in the car in the heat of the day. I forward plan where I’m going to park to avoid leaving it in the sun and making their car seats too hot. We stay out of the sun during the heat of the day and are always sun smart. But there are a few other things that I’m incorporating this coming summer.

Cooling Mat

Although marketed for dogs these are amazing, just over them with a muslin cloth or blanket. They work by by absorbing body heat plus there’s no water, freezing or electricity required


The kids aren’t always cooler when they’re wearing less, and it’s better to keep their young skin covered from the sun as much as possible. I really like Bonds WonderCool range because they allow my boys to have a little more protection from the sun and the material is super breathable. They also have a range of socks which is awesome because my son has the sweatiest feet!


My son has always been picky about his hats and although caps are super cute. We go for wide brimmed to make sure his ears and neck are sufficiently covered. Really good if you can get a breathable one’s too so their head doesn’t get to sweaty.


We also have sunnies which we wear to the park, in the car and I keep them in the nappy bag. I think its a really good idea to get them into the habit of wearing these early to protect their young eyes.


Always have homemade icy poles on hand at home. They’re a quick nutritious snack and great for cooling down.

Waterbottles frozen

If we’re heading out I take 2 water bottles and try to make sure they’re partially frozen. That way they can double as icepacks.

Damp swaddles

These are great for putting on the back of their necks to cool them down, on pram seats, and to create shade cloths partially over capsules (full cover actually traps hot air making them hotter)

Car Shades

Buy extra of these and put them over car seats if you have to leave you car in the sun. This is super important to ensure the buckles don’t heat up and makes it more comfortable when you get back in the car.

Spray bottles/misters

I love having these, put them in the fridge before hand. then when you’re out spray the kids when they need a refresher or look to flushed.

Keep cool Mumma’s

Mumma Z xxx

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