Toddler Mum’s Handbag must haves:

Ever tried taking your toddler to the shops or cafe to meet friends?

If you have you would know that sometimes us Mumma’s need a few tricks up our sleeves to keep them fed, watered and entertained. Apart from the standards: nappies, wipes, nappy bags, water, change of cloths I like to pack activities and snacks just incase we need to sit in a cafe or restaurant Here are a few things I pack in advance when I know I’ll need him to sit a while:


  • Inkredibles Magic Ink– These are the best $4 you’ll spend. No mess and super entertaining.
  • Stickers and a notepad- again next to no mess and my toddler loves stickers!
  • Books– my lilt one will sit for ages and read, but this one may not be helpful if they want you to read with them.
  • Sensory balls and sticks– great for calming them down and mess free
  • Threading– endless fun here. We have a farm set and it gives me an easy 15-20 minutes quite time.


  • Blueberries & Strawberries cut up are my sons fav!
  • A whole Banana is super easy to throw in the bag and filling.
  • Mini-sultana boxes- and I love that they’re small enough to keep in there all the time and just pull them out when I need them
  • Veggie straws- another great throw it in snack however these packets are bigger and hard to hide.
  • Yoghurt pouches- great if you’re not going to far but I’d give them a miss if you’re going somewhere where you can’t keep them cold.

Mumma Z xxx

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