Mumma Z’s top knot hair care

Let’s be honest my hair lives in a mum bun. The last time it was straightened was for my birthday and even then by the end of the day it was tied up on the top of my head.

So as you can imagine my hair care routine is very simple. I get it dyed every 3 months or so its balayage so pretty low maintenance but the blonde can go brassy so I wash it with Muvo blonde shampoo once a week. Otherwise my everyday shampoo is Bed Head Recovery Shampoo.

I hate in-shower conditioner my hair always gets greasy quickly after using it. Instead I use a leave in conditioner, this Whipped Milkshake one is great and smells incredible!

Being a busy mum I need a great dry shampoo for those crazy days I don’t get a shower. This one is amazing, just spray it in before bed and in the morning you hair looks good as new.

If I do have a occasion to straighten it I use this Brasil Cacau Serum to help smooth my crazy waves.

I’ve invested in some nice scunchies too, these make me feel like my hair doesn’t look so unloved and I can match them with my outfit.

Take care of that top knot mumma’s

Mumma Z xxx

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